about US

The Chairman's vision

Our vision was to establish a distinguished entity in the field of manufacturing and installing low voltage panels, as this entity combines the quality of the past and the thought of the present.
We are still working hard to reach that dream, which we started in its first steps by the help of the work team, who is the spirit and flame of this entity.

The task of the board of directors Mission
Creating a good work environment that helps our team to achieve level of customer needs and satisfaction in terms of quality and fair price

What do we devote our professional time
Specialization is the secret of success ..Qualified and specialized teams are ready to work in the following three areas
Electrical panels
Electric elevators
Get to know us

Who we are

An Electric is one of the leading companies in the Electricity Market founded in 2018 with 10 years of practical experience before the establishment of the name an electric we focused and specialized in the field of electric panels, generators.

Professional vision

One of the values and vision that we believe in, is that our success in professional life comes from choosing and establishing a good human and technical structure at work because their ability to personal success is what makes the entity successful and honest.

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